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Regardless of your political persuasion, the current political climate and culture of crisis is overwhelming. ┬áIt’s difficult to orient yourself (let alone explain to children) the constant storm of facts vs. lies, weaponized language, and political shouting matches.

It is tempting, oh so tempting, to join the Us vs. Them tribalism, to accept the sense of a pre-determined Cycle of History leading us all inevitably to conflict. Allow me to suggest another option.

The Fire Pit Method is a tool for navigating that chaos.

1.) It starts in the middle of the fire, often with emotions of fear, disgust, anger, or joy driving responses to issues, or tweets.

2.) From there, the method proceeds in any direction you like, but we suggest looking at the status quo. What is normal (or at least use to be normal)?  What has been disturbed?

3.) Then, consider who as a person, or what agenda, is disturbing the status quo. Make note of it. Clarify it in a few simple words, or if you wish, many pages. Use that “disturbance” to clarify your own thinking.

4.) Next, your own thinking or agenda is usually energized by the center of your fire. It touches on your value system or worldview. Again, make a note in a few words, or many, so you can understand your own thinking.

5.) Finally, consider how you can forward your own agenda, or compromise with others. If resistance is the only way, then so be it. If finding a middle ground, or a whole new ground makes sense, then at the right time and at the right level take action: help a child understand their feelings, run for office, organize a march – or, simply take a quiet moment to better understand your own position amidst the hub-bub.

Fire pits are warm, they’re inclusive. Whether on a beach, in the woods, a back yard, in a fireplace or in an online group, they’re fundamental to the human spirit.

Fire pits bring together friends, neighbors, and strangers. They can bring out the best of us in a time when an us and what is best is unclear.

Next Steps…

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