Fire Pit Method

Feeling overwhelmed? The “Fire Pit Method” is a simple PDF created by average folks for everyone who is trying to navigate a time of change. It serves as a personal and group navigation tool. The current political environment is, frankly, overwhelming. The constant crisis is draining. Fire pits are warm, inviting and fun!

Indivisible Guide

The Indivisible Guide is a tool devised by experts in influencing the legislative process. It will help you bring your agenda to a wider “ring of influence” in your fire pit. Also, you can find and join an Indivisible Group

Next Steps…

Know a friend who is overwhelmed, or does not know what to do next? Is it really possible to respond, at every level, to every “crisis?”  No, it is not. Breathe, push, resist….breathe, push, resist… Download the Fire Pit Method PDF .